the basics.


We have built & are constantly updating our scanners to monitor domains using Cloudflare nameservers so that any non-Cloudflare IP addresses can be logged into our database and made publicaly available.

Public and Private API

A free and open API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to integrate their apps with Cloudsearch. For those apps that need a little more oomph we can offer dedicated endpoints for a small fee to cover the cost of deployment

We provide support and advise for DMCA takedowns / abuse complaints. You will be required to verify ownership of your website by means of inserting our meta tag on your landing page.

What if I want to help?

Please remember this is a free service

Help us build our API example library

Our Mission

Cloudsearch aims to provide a simple solution to file DMCA / Abuse complaints against websites hosting unfriendly content on the public internet.

Interactive Pages / Blog 50%
Hand-written scanner / Custom built API 75%
Interaction with the community
Well. We try our best.

who's involved? (well this is easy)


*All data is accurate as of April 2019 & and is representated as it were prior to the development of the new website

our work

One user had a food blog of which they would post photos they'd taken and write about for their users. A popular website was stealing content from this blog and would claim it as their own. With the help of Cloudsearch the owner was able to get the (now DCMA protected) content removed from the site.

Anonymous User
DCMA Issues