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What is Cloudflare?


So you’ve definitely read everything on the right? GOOD!  

Cloudflare are effectively a CDN & WAF that enable websites all over the world to deliver content quickly and effectively whilst not having to shell out for the infrastructure required to keep all of their users happy.

Oh yeah, Cloudflare also mitigates most common DDoS attacks with their WAF.

TLDR (just kidding)

Cloudflare are a mostly a CDN (Content Delivery Network), enabling websites to focus on data processing (if you were to login, place an order, etc) rather than “delivering” static content that does not change like CSS and Javascript files that make websites look so pretty!

A WAF you say? Well, a Web Application Firewall is fairly simple in principle! It’s almost like a bouncer standing outside a club, if some HTTP traffic is acting dodgy; POOF, it will get asked to “verify that it’s human“.  

This means that traffic coming through to the website behind the WAF is getting a lot less spam traffic and can also assist in preventing DDoS attacks, which leads us on to the next section… 

Wait a minute! I’ve heard about DDoS somewhere before.. Well you’d be right; some of them are VERY FAMOUS! To put it in short terms, if I’m sending malicious traffic to a website in order to take it down this would be called a DOS (Denial of Service) attack and in most cases is never enough to fully take down a website – slow it down, maybe.

A DDoS attack is where more than one computer is participating in a malicious act against another computer in an attempt to “deny service“, usually the target machine will host some kind of content that is required for a particular service to run – effectively making the service unusable.