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What is a CDN?


What you can obtain from the below image is that the files used to make the Trive VPN website “look pretty” is not hosted on; it’s actually hosted on Cloudflare.

I'm not technical... What does that mean?

Whenever a website uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) we can think of it like this:

– I’m a visitor to a museum and want to know about a new artefact

  • I walk into the museum and get told by the doorman that there are some leaflets about the item on your left as you walk in
  • From the leaflet I’m able to see what the item looks like and how it should be presented but I still need to know more
  •  When I finally get there I’m greeted with all of the information that I didn’t have from the leaflets and I now know everything I actually came here for 

So it's like getting the style of a website but not the actual content?

Yes that’s it! A CDN is a network of computers all around the world in strategic locations with the same content, usually this would be holding things like, images, video, styles of a website (CSS / Javascript). What this means is that when you visit a website that’s hosted in a Country thousands of miles away you’re able to get the the larger files from places closer to you so that it loads a lot faster!