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What is a API?

Cloudsearch API example

Application Programming Interfaces are created to give us data in a quick and easy way so that we can interact with it on an application or webpage.

 The above example shows me using the Cloudsearch API to query a domain that’s stored in the Cloudsearch database and then formatting the response it gave me to make it easily readable.

Who uses APIs and why?

Most developers will integrate APIs into their application or website so that the processing of physical data does not have to be done on their side (cost); it’s also a lot easier!

Do Cloudsearch use APIs?

Yes! Not for anything related to our actual service (that’s all done in house with our own custom scripts).

We use the Google Identity Platform API as well as the Facebook Login API for users that want to “Login with Google/Facebook” on our website rather than have to create an account and verify it manually.

Another example

Integrating with services like this is relatively small on the grand scale of things, we can use others like the Stripe API to process payments on a website by submitting all card details given by the user through a secure tunnel (SSL). After submitting the card details the Stripe API would respond with confirmation of the charge or error codes from the card holders bank as to why it was denied. This enables developers to take payments on their website with ease and not have to integrate with every single bank there is.