How to file DMCA Claims

We'll manage your claim for you

We know that it can be difficult getting all of the right information to lodge a copyright claim against somebody hosting your content, you have to first prove it’s yours, show you had it first, find where it’s being hosted, find the correct copyright legal departments and then lodge a formal complaint and then deal back and forth with the provider and feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Cloudsearch will do all of this for you, for free. 

Just send us an email to with the URL hosting your content, a brief backstory / description and insert our meta tag into the landing page of your website in the header html section (we can help you with this if you’re unsure how). 

Cloudsearch meta tag

<meta name=”cloudsearch-dmca-auth” content=”I hereby authourize to deal with DMCA claims on my behalf as the site and content owner”>

Of course, Cloudsearch doesn’t require you to pay money for this service however mentions on Facebook / Linkedin are always appreciated! If you want to support this free service you can always become a Patreon and donate to us! 

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