Get your own domains for free

Are you a newbie to the tech word? Maybe you’re an experienced developer and are not looking to shell out for domains you want to play about with. Forget spinning up your own nameservers, Freenom literally GIVE AWAY domains.

Free TLD's with Freenom
  • .TK 
  • .ML
  • .GA
  • .CF
  • .GQ

Signing up for your free domain is easy, simply search the “NAMEYOUWANT and they will show you any and all available domains they have for you! (below)

Free domain with Freenom

There are no limitations with using a FREE domain with Freenom, they allow you to change your nameservers, add all relevant records as any other domain registrar would. (below)

An example using the Freenom portal to manage DNS records for a domain

Freenom even allow you to add registrar glue records, what this means is that if you wish to use your own nameservers to manage the same domain, you can! (below)