Hosting: vultr – hosting on a budget

Disclaimer: I’ll add a very short disclaimer to this post. The content within this post is personal opinion, always exercise due diligence and do your own research. If you register via my referral link, yes I’ll benefit from it (as will you). Why choose them? GET $50 HOSTING Personal experience Pricing Support Offers Personally I’ve […]

Linux: tar cheat sheet

Quick Brief: Tar is tool to compress and decompress files, similar to the windows built in “ZIP” function where you can “send” a folder or file to a single file which can be decompressed on another machine and expand the folder as it were, tar is the in-built Linux equivalent . Benefits of compression: files […]

What is a API?

Cloudsearch API example Application Programming Interfaces are created to give us data in a quick and easy way so that we can interact with it on an application or webpage.  The above example shows me using the Cloudsearch API to query a domain that’s stored in the Cloudsearch database and then formatting the response it […]

What is a CDN?

Example: What you can obtain from the below image is that the files used to make the Trive VPN website “look pretty” is not hosted on; it’s actually hosted on Cloudflare. I’m not technical… What does that mean? Whenever a website uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) we can think of it like this: – I’m a visitor to […]

What is Cloudflare?

Points Content Delivery Network (CDN) Web Application Firewall (WAF) Denial of Service (DoS) DDoS Protection (DDoS) So you’ve definitely read everything on the right? GOOD!   Cloudflare are effectively a CDN & WAF that enable websites all over the world to deliver content quickly and effectively whilst not having to shell out for the infrastructure required to keep all of their […]

What is Cloudsearch?

In short we are … Cloudflare domain resolver IP resolver Support for valid DCMA takedown requests Support for abuse complaints against unfriendly websites We aim to … Provide a quick and easy service for non-technical users Provide technical assistance on how to optimise without compromise  Remain focused on our goal A Cloudflare domain resolver Cloudsearch […]